Lake View Park
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Lake View Park

Lake View Park or Rawal Lake Park is a modern park located in Federal Capital Islamabad. It’s, no doubt, a beautiful addition as a recreation and picnic spot. The park is situated near Malpur village in Islamabad. It attracts people from all walks of life.

How to reach Lake View Park?

The park is located on the Murree road, partially surrounded by Rawal Lake in Islamabad. To be exact, the entrance of Lake View Park is on the Murree Road about 2km after turning right from the roundabout near Islamabad club. It is operational under the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The park is constructed on the back shore of Rawal Lake, an artificial water reservoir providing water needs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Recreation at Lake View Park

Rawal Lake is the only place offers visitors with numerous fun activities including water sports and fishing. There are other different sections of the park catering people of all ages through numerous activities including sitting pagoda, picnic point, ibex club, rock climbing gym, motorsports ranch, fancy aviary, festival arena, passenger road train, paintball battlefield, and swimming pool.

The park has ample food outlets that meet immediate refreshment needs and requirements of visitors. Moreover, for those who love open air cooking, the park has Bar BQ grills installed. Anyone can set organize open air Bar B Q with family and friends. It is without any doubt the park is a great retreat for people from all backgrounds.

In addition to all the fun activities one can enjoy live music at the park. There are professional artists entertaining the visitors. Moreover, one can come over with personal instruments to amuse visitors. However, privacy of other visitors should be given priority.

Flora and Fauna at Lake View Park

There is an animal park and bird’s aviary inside the Lake View Park. It houses unique and beautiful birds and has been numbered as 3rd largest aviary in the world. Similarly, the sanctuary has inside a bird’s hospital for treatment and vaccination and a bird’s shop where birds are sold. Lake View Park a heaven for bird lovers and researchers.

Rawal Lake Park is well developed and has trees of most kinds, is lush green and decked with beautiful flowers. In addition, the park has ample and organized car parking for visitors. Daily visitors come from immediate surroundings in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. However, the park receives a great number of students on weekends from surrounding cities and villages. Likewise, the park is famous among foreigners as well and foreign tourists visiting Islamabad must visit this park. For the entertainment, there are artists performing on the elevated podium of the park.

Lake View Park was built for people to enjoy the clean environment and neat green grass to sit, play and relax. However, disorders have recently been noticed. In addition, people do not properly utilize trash bins and litter the whole area without any consideration. People entering park must be educated about the environment to keep it clean and in order.


Pakistan Monument
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Pakistan Monument

Perched at a high location on the west viewpoint of Shakarparian Hills spreading over a total area of 2.8 hectares the Pakistan Monument is an impressive reddish brown granite structure designed and built to represent Pakistan’s diverse culture and national unity and depicts the story of Pakistan movement.

The structure is made up of four blossoming flower petals representing four provinces (Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and the three sandwiched petals representing three territories (Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and Federally Administered Tribal Areas) collectively make up a crescent representing the unity of Pakistan. The inner walls of the petals are decorated with murals.

The crescent comprising of petals are from inside inscribed with sayings of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Poetry of Allama Iqbal along with an embossed pictorial representation of cultural heritage of provinces and regions.  The central platform is made in the shape of a five-pointed star surrounded by a water body.

The aerial view is astounding with the monument elevated in the middle, a decked gallery in the backyard giving a picturesque view of Islamabad and Margalla hills in the background, and the museum showcasing post-independence memorabilia is erected right in the forefront.  The four pillars each signifying the sayings of the father of Nation are raised in the main ground by the stairs leading up the monument.

The monument is bordered with well-trimmed flowers and evergreen trees which give a natural contrast to elaborate the beauty of this location. The monument attracts a great number of domestic and international tourists on daily basis.

The project was initiated in May 2004 and was completed by the end of 2006 but it was officially inaugurated in March 2007. It provides a panoramic view of Islamabad and the Margalla Hills. Today, Pakistan monument is a great addition to the city of Islamabad and one of the major tourist destinations anyone would like to visit.