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Sindh Province of Pakistan

Sindh is the third largest provinces of Pakistan with Karachi being the capital city. Locally known as Mehran, the region covers an area of 54,407... 10


Islamabad is the modern capital city of Pakistan located in the north of Potohar Plateau, at the foothill of the Margalla Hills, at an elevation of... 10
Basic components of tourism product

Basic Components of Tourism Product

Tourism is a complex and multidisciplinary field constitutes a diverse amalgam of sectors and each sector is made up of a variety of products and... 10
Impact of tourism

Impacts of Tourism

Tourism has strong direct, indirect and induced impacts on local communities either positive or negative in aspect. The scale of impacts of tourism can often vary... 10


TOURISM – A BRIEF OVERVIEW “Tourism” is a concept coined lately as compared to “Travel” which has roots deeply penetrated into the human history. Travel... 10
A journey through history of Pakistan

A Journey through history of Pakistan

Modern day Pakistan is a land enormously blessed with a rich history like no other country in the world. A journey through the history of... 10

National Symbols Of Pakistan

The national symbols of Pakistan are the trademarks that represent Pakistan. Each symbol signifies an interesting description of its attachment to the country. Below are... 10
Key Facts about Pakistan

Key Facts About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan (meaning: the land of the pure) is a country strategically placed on the crossroads of South Asia. The country came... 10
National symbols of pakistan


Pakistan is a unique and blessed state made up of Asia’s most remarkable landscapes. It has diverse geography blended with rich cultures and a long... 10

History of Tourism

The history of tourism goes as far back as the evolution of human civilisation – long before the coinage of the word “tourism” in the... 10
World Heritage Sites Of Pakistan

World Heritage Sites of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country strategically located on the crossroads of South Asia abundantly rich in history, archaeological remains, natural beauty, cultural diversity, manmade landmarks, and... 10
Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan

Overview From the mighty Himalayan Mountains in the northern areas (now Gilgit-Baltistan) – crowned with world’s highest mountains and longest deep-rooted glaciers in a knot of four... 10
The Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway

The Karakoram Highway (KKH) is the highest paved international road and a major trade artery linking China and Pakistan at the Khunjerab Pass at an... 10